1001 Nights "The Last Chapter" opens a new chapter in live entertainment

If there is one work of literature that best embodies the richness and diversity of the Arab and Middle Eastern culture then it is surely 1001 Nights "The Last Chapter" opens a new chapter in live entertainment - Time Magazine.

With highly praising global reviews from more than 300 media outlets, “1001 Nights: The Last Chapter” wowed audiences for 5 consecutive nights at Al Majaz Amphitheatre from 23rd to 27th of April 2019, paying homage to culture and knowledge gloriously crowning Sharjah as UNESCO’s World Book Capital 2019.

Recreating the iconic tale of Shahryar and Scheherazade, the massive stage production, developed by Multiple International, raised the bar of live entertainment, presenting through dance, theatre, acrobatics, stunning visual arts, live orchestra, and sensational magic, an unimagined adaptation of the timeless fable.

With a mission of carrying the torch of reading and spreading the importance of books, the jaw-dropping production transported the audience through three exciting adventures in quest of treasures that finally came to reveal the real treasure of life: knowledge.
The Last Chapter’s Director of Creation and CEO of Multiple International, Philippe Skaff, said: “That was no small challenge. So many shows have covered this theme. It has been treated 1001 times. We had to approach it in a fresh way, both in form and in content. It seemed impossible at first glance, but we love to deal with The Impossible. It’s what artists thrive on.”

From his end, Wassim Rizk, Chief Producer and Managing partner of Multiple international, added: “History gave us 1001 Nights. This show added one more night to history.”

The show production gathered 537 professionals from 25 nationalities, including performers, innovators, technologists, and storytellers, that blended the age-old art of storytelling with mind-blowing technologies and visual effects to redefine the world of live entertainment.

From its first home in Sharjah, “1001 nights: The Last Chapter” plans on spreading its cultural message to more cities around the world with the aim of encouraging people to discover read and write books.
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