Cluster of Light Wins Best Visual Spectacular Award

Multiple International and Sharjah Media Centre have won the Best Visual Spectacular category in the prestigious Event Production Awards, announced in London in April 2015.
A unique partnership between Multiple International and Sharjah Media Centre has proved a potent force, as it has won the Best Visual Spectacular category in the prestigious Event Production Awards, announced in London in April 2015.

The award honoured the partners’ production of Clusters Of Light, a musical extravaganza that recounts the life story of the Prophet Muhammud. The production, which ran in Spring 2014, was commissioned by Dr Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, the Ruler of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates.

Staged in a specially designed, purpose built amphitheatre in Sharjah, it celebrated the emirate’s recognition as Islamic Capital of Culture for 2014.

The award was especially remarkable as the partners had only six months from brief to curtain-up to deliver the highly ambitious multimedia event, which wove together live performance, cinematic visuals and some stunning special effects.

“We are proud of this win,” said Philippe Skaff, CEO and co-founder of Multiple International. “It wouldn’t have been possible without the colossal efforts of the international team we assembled.”

In every aspect, Clusters Of Light brought together top talents from the Middle East, Europe and beyond. Working with the original script by Dr. Abdel Rahman el Achmaoui, Richard Lindsay oversaw creative content, Gavin Robins, Nigel Jamieson and Munjed El Sharif worked on the artistic and theatrical production, along with leading technical and production directors Nick Levitt, Piers Sheppard and the Creative Technology team.
Four of the Arab world’s most popular singers topped the cast of more than 200 actors and 70 musicians. The score, composed by Khaled el Sheikh, was recorded by the renowned German Film Orchestra, led by composer Christian Steinhauser.

Wassim Rizk, managing partner of Multiple International, believes that Clusters Of Light may be just the first in a long line of ambitious projects of this type, emanating from the Middle East.

“This is truly a game changer for the industry,” he said. “We were privileged to be chosen to develop this unique spectacular. Now our aim is to set a new standard for theatrical production in the region.”

Philippe Skaff added: “it’s high time that Arabs started telling their stories to the world, stopped importing content and started exporting it. The world is hungry to know more about us, our culture and our heritage.”

Clusters Of Light has also been shortlisted for two event production awards in the Middle East, with winners to be announced in June.
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