Egypt Celebrates a Red Letter Day

To mark the anniversary of Egypt’s October 6 victory in 1973, the Ruler of Sharjah commissioned Multiple International to produce an operetta that celebrates Egypt’s past, present and future.
October 6 1973 is a glorious date in modern Egyptian history: a day when the nation won a famous victory against its long standing opponent Israel by breaching the Suez Canal and crossing the Bard-Lev Line.

To mark its 42nd anniversary Multiple International was commissioned to conceive and produce a 20-minute show that was performed in Cairo and relayed on live TV throughout the Arab world last night. Egypt’s President Abdul Fattah Al Sissi was guest of honour among the massive audience which numbered more than 40,000 at the live performances.
The show - whose title can be translated as Egypt, The Place, The Stature – tells the story of Egyptian civilisation and heroism, highlighting three aspects: its history, its epic October 6 victory, and its future. A stellar cast list of Egyptian singers were among the performers.
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