Paris Judicial Police Centenary

Formed by decree on August 1 1913, the Paris Judicial Police celebrated their centenary in 2013 with a month-long exhibition at the city’s Champ-de-Mars, in the shadow of the famous Eiffel Tower.

The event went back in time to cover landmarks in the force’s history, including some of the city’s most notorious criminal cases, from assassinations to celebrity kidnappings.

But this was no dry, retrospective museum experience. Its dynamic and interactive features gave visitors a vivid, first-hand immersion in modern day crime scene procedures and offered children a thrilling opportunity to investigate a case, follow clues and triumphantly unmask the culprit.
One of the most popular elements for its 40,000 visitors was an exploration of the Paris Judicial Police in many classic movies, stretching from the earliest days all the way to the present.

Multiple International devised the initial strategy and concept, taking the idea all the way through to design, scenography, logistics sponsorship, media exposure and management.
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