Vivid: Lighting The Sails

Lights, camera, action…. And Sydney Opera House goes truly vivid. 

The Vivid Festival was regarded as the best light festival in the world, with record numbers designed to bring visitors and tourists to a destination.

Over the 10 years Vivid Sydney, revenues in Overseas Spending in Sydney went from $AUD 3M to $AUD 187M, an increase of around 1200%, which is kind of relatively unheard of anywhere, Year on year growth has has been in excess of 50% in terms of visitors and revenues. Today the festival attracts upward of 3 million attendees.
Opera House sails projection developed by Multiple International partner Spinifex spearheaded the light festival. The 15-minute show is always energetic, daring and delightful play between art and architecture, reflecting what the Vivid Festival is all about. 
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