• Multiple locations, multiple disciplines, multiple talents.

    See what we’ve done and imagine what we could do for you.
  • Ceremonies

    Multiple International has created and coordinated some of the world’s most prestigious ceremonies.
  • Light Festivals

    See how Multiple International has optimised one of the most basic human instincts – the attraction to light.
  • Museums

    Museums may showcase the past, but Multiple International has re-shaped and re-defined their future.
  • Spectacular Attractions

    When the creators and technologists of Multiple International work together, the results are truly spectacular.
  • Installations

    Uninhibited by scale or location, our installations immerse users into an environment that transforms ordinary spaces into experiential wonders.
  • Pavilions and Expos

    Even in a cluttered environment, Multiple International knows how to make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Automotive

    In an arena where a powerful launch means everything, Multiple International makes it mean everything and more.
  • Corporate and media Experiences

    Events like these are all too often unremarkable but Multiple International can make them unforgettable.
  • Brand Experiences

    Because Multiple International understands brands, we know how to turn 'me too' into 'the one and only'
  • Urban Art

    Multiple International is passionate about freeing art from snobbery and pretension, so it can enliven an environment and enrich everyday lives.
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